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Georgia’s Move Over Law carries stiff penalties

WSB-TV Channel 2 recently covered a driver who is fighting a ticket he received for violating Georgia’s “Move Over” law. Here’s a link to the story:


Georgia’s “Move Over” law requires drivers approaching a stopped police or emergency vehicle to move over at least one lane. If drivers cannot move over due to traffic conditions the law requires them to slow down to a speed below the posted speed limit.

We get a lot of calls from people charged with violating this law and most of them have never heard of it. Courts prosecute these cases aggressively, usually requiring fines in excess of $700, defensive driving school and even probation. A conviction for violating this law will also put points on your driver’s license which will likely result in higher car insurance premiums.

The news story suggests that the State maybe changing the law to add clarification to the speed element, but it appears this law is here to stay so drivers need to be aware of it and be extra careful when approaching a stopped police or emergency vehicle.

If you receive a ticket for violating this law or any other moving violation it’s important that you contact an attorney to discuss the effects it could have on your license and minimize and negative impact.

Michael A. Burns, Jr.

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