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New Intern Sees How Cases Are Resolved First-Hand and is Introduced to the Massive Copy Machine!

__The Bar__ Blog Post Rob 1

Hello everyone!

My name is Rob and I am the new intern for The Semrau Law Firm. Yesterday was my first day at the firm and I was amazed by how much I learned!

The most intriguing part of my day was when I shadowed Scott Semrau and Mike Burns at The Cobb County State Court http://www.cobbcounty.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2140&Itemid=663

We began the visit by sitting in “The Bar”. It is called “The Bar” but oddly enough, no alcohol was served! As you can see in the picture above, “The Bar” is a hallway adjacent to the courtroom where all of the attorneys sit and wait to be seen by the judge. If I were to describe the bar in an analogy, I would compare it to a kitchen in a restaurant. The most exciting aspect of my experience in “The Bar” was watching Mike discuss his cases with the prosecutor. The dialogue went something like this:

Mike- “So I have four cases here, two possession cases, a driving on a suspended license case, and a reckless driving case. Can you do this punishment for this charge, and this punishment for this charge?”

Prosecution- Yeah, that is what we normally do.

Mike- Ok great, now this charge. The man is a war hero with PTSD and has bad eyes, so that is why he was smoking Marijuana. Do you think we can do 30 days house arrest instead of 60? My client is not satisfied with 60 days.

Prosecution- Yeah that would be all right.

I had no idea that the relationship between the attorney and the prosecutor would
be the way it was! The atmosphere was very laid-back and friendly. I always
imagined the relationship between the two would be tense, but that couldn’t be
farther from the truth. Mike and the prosecutor had a very calm and professional

Following “The Bar”, I was able to watch Scott and Mike handle their
cases in court. It was very interesting to witness the defense process!

After spending the morning in court, I was assigned a few tasks to complete. One of those tasks included scanning a large stack of medical documents to Scott and Mike’s paralegal Tomeca, then packaging and delivering the stack to a doctor. When I was assigned this task, I was thinking to myself “Oh great, looks like my job for the next month will be heavily involved with this copy machine.” I soon realized that assumption was not true!

Soon after, Scott had a few interesting articles he asked me to write about for the blog. Each article has to do with a current issue being dealt with in the criminal justice system. The articles discuss misdemeanor probation and implied consent to a search respectively.

My first day at the firm was a great experience! I am thrilled to have such an amazing opportunity. I am very excited to learn first-hand about the life of an attorney! I was truly impressed about the amount of effort put into the firm by everyone.

One person who stood out to me is the paralegal Tomeca. I think it is incredible everything she does for the office. She handles A TON of different things that are required for the office to run smoothly. Today I observed and learned many interesting aspects of working in a law firm. I am very eager to see what is planned for the next 4 weeks!

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