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WOW!!! Expungement for Georgia DUI Covictions Pending in Legislature

Driving Under the Influence is a serious offense.  Having a DUI conviction on your record carries serious consequences that last much longer than your time in jail or period of probation.

Three cheers for Representative Rusty Kidd from Milledgville, who proposed a law that would give one-time offenders a second chance.  House Bill 799 would allow for the expungement of a DUI conviction after 5 years if the violator has had no more driving offenses within that time period.  Check out this link for an Atlanta Journal article:  http://www.ajc.com/news/georgia-government/dui-record-could-be-1316786.html)

Currently, there is no relief in Georgia from a DUI conviction being on your criminal record.  Not a day goes by when we don’t get a call from a person who recieved a Marietta DU

I or an Atlanta DUI and now wants to clear their record.  The problem is that even if the offense was 5, 10, 15, or more years ago, offenders can be denied jobs, scholarships, or other considerations based upon their record.  Often, these people were not aware of the impact of a conviction and entered a guilty plea without the advice or guidance of qualified legal counsel.

Georgia law currently allows for first-time offenders of nearly every other crime imaginable to have their offense expunged from their record.  Folks, this is a great opportunity to get involved.  Contact you local state representatives and tell them that a DUI should be treated just like any other offense.  Here is a link  to find out how to contact your local state representative: http://www.congress.org/congressorg/officials/congress/


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