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A Criminal Defense Law Firm

Criminal Defense

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

The Semrau Law Firm is a premier criminal defense law firm with a reputation for working tirelessly for our clients. Without compromise our promise to every client is hard work and a commitment to high expectations. Our firm does not allow junior or inexperienced attorneys to handle any criminal defense case in any criminal court. We pride ourselves on being leaders in the field of criminal defense. Before you hire a criminal defense attorney you should ask questions about the firm’s experience and track record. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our firm’s capabilities and success stories with you. We have handled thousands of criminal defense cases, including high profile cases, and built a strong reputation for being able to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Types of Criminal Charges

Our criminal defense law firm has a diverse portfolio of client cases ranging from misdemeanor shoplifting and theft to major felonies such as child molestation and murder. We are extremely aggressive litigators and trial practice attorneys. Our goal in every case is a dismissal of the charges and we are fully prepared to take any case to jury trial. We also represent clients needing post conviction criminal defense services for parole or probation violation, appeals and expungement.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Are common concerns. Obviously we abide by all aspects of client-attorney privilege however we take extra measures to minimize unwanted exposure in media and records. While arrest records are public information and trials may be attended by the public we work diligently to protect our client’s image. Avoiding public jury trials, screening media coverage and minimizing access to our clients are part of our criminal defense services. Ideally we will minimize the social impact of any criminal arrest and prosecution.

Georgia Criminal Prosecution

is among the harshest of criminal justice systems in the United States. Georgia’s criminal investigations and prosecutions are enforced by well trained law enforcement and handled by aggressive prosecutors. For more information on our Criminal Defense Attorney services you should visit our Criminal Defense Attorney website.