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DUI Defense

DUI Defense Cases

DUI defense is neither quick nor easy, and there is no such thing as a routine DUI defense. Since the inception of our Law Firm, DUI defense has been a huge part of our practice. We thrive on the technical and complex nature of DUI law and our litigation skills form the foundation of our DUI practice. Today more than ever before, Prosecutors are engaged in a well organized and well funded campaign to expand DUI prosecution. The Cobb County DUI Task Force and Cherokee County DUI Task Force make THOUSANDS of DUI arrests each year. We are not guilty plea lawyers; our job is to win your case. Our DUI Practice is focused on Cobb County and Cherokee County. We believe that especially in DUI defense, a great DUI defense depends on extensive, solid, and personal relationships with Judges and Prosecutors. DUI cases are won in the details with persistence, creativity and a thorough knowledge of the law. The Semrau Law Firm will commit the time and resources to aggressively defend you and fight for the best outcome.

Your DUI defense begins with a personal interview by an experienced DUI Attorney at The Semrau Law Firm. Our DUI defense preparation may involve having your DUI attorney visit the scene of the arrest, collect police videos and reports, interview witnesses, evaluate field procedures used by the police, subpoena Intoxilyzer 5000 records and gather related information. Expert witnesses may be used in some cases. Your DUI attorney will thoroughly examine your DUI arrest and develop a custom DUI defense strategy to fight the charges.

Drivers License Suspension

You have 10 business days from the date of your arrest to file an objection to your Notice of License Suspension. If you refused to take a State requested Blood Alcohol Test or if your test results were greater than .08, then you likely received a notice of license suspension. We strongly advise anyone arrested for DUI to contact a local Marietta DUI Attorney within 5 business days of your arrest. Without taking the appropriate actions you will lose your license. Visit our DUI Defense page for more information.

CDL Drivers that have been arrested for DUI should call our office immediately. CDL drivers are not eligible for temporary permits and may be subject to immediate suspension of driving privileges. We have successfully defended numerous DUI cases for CDL clients.

Georgia DUI laws are very strict and are enforced by well trained law enforcement and prosecutors. For more information on Georgia DUI laws and our DUI defense attorney services you should visit our DUI Defense Attorney website.