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Sex Crimes

Check out our closing argument from a recent NOT GUILTY verdict where our client was charged with Aggravated Assault with Intent to Rape.   This was a typical sexual assault allegation where the “victim” turned out to have a motive and was less than credible.   When you hire our firm, you can expect a full-throttle defense just like our client got in this case!

Here is a review from our client who was charged with Child Molestation:

“Scott is a wonderful lawyer. If you need a great lawyer Scott is your man..My mom called him on a Saturday and I first met him on a Sunday. He helped me get out of a horrible nightmare.. I was facing a lot of years in jail, for something I did not do and the whole situation seemed hopeless. Scott helped myself and my family through the whole mess with a wonderful outcome. We recommend Scott very highly.. and will refer all my friends or anyone who asks about a lawyer.. THANK YOU SCOTT FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID TO HELP ME, WE ALL WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL.!!”

Retaining a strong experienced criminal defense attorney is absolutely necessary if you have been accused of a sex crime offense. The State of Georgia now has the nation’s most severe penalties for sex offenses. Most sex crimes in Georgia carry a potential life sentence and most have 10 year mandatory minimum sentences. All sex offenses require potential lifetime public registration with strict workplace and residency limitations.

Georgia Sexual Offenses include Rape, Sodomy, Statutory rape, Child molestation, Enticing a child for indecent purpose, Sexual assault against persons in custody, Bestiality, Necrophilia, Public indecency, Prostitution, Keeping a place of prostitution, Pimping, Pandering , Pandering by compulsion, Solicitation of sodomy, Masturbation for hire, Giving massages in place used for lewdness, Fornication, Adultery, Bigamy, Marrying a bigamist, Incest, Sexual battery, Aggravated sexual battery, Publication of the name or identity of female raped, Distributing obscene materials. To read the statutes on these offenses visit the ‘Lectric Law Library’s website.

False allegations are common in sex crime cases. Overzealous detectives, prejudiced “child advocates,” modern “sex culture” advertisements, divorce disputes, and frustrating child custody arrangements are often the reason for sexual misconduct allegations.

The Semrau Law Firm is skilled and practiced at investigating and defending sex crime cases. Among our first steps is examining the statements made by the alleged victim or witnesses for any inconsistencies and the circumstances under which the statements were made. We also conduct an investigation into the background of the people involved in the case. We search for motives or explanations as to why the allegations were made. Medical evidence is another common issue raised at trial, so we interview any treating physicians or nurses if possible, since not all information is contained in medical reports.

In every case we utilize a group of skilled professionals for the best defense. We routinely use computer experts, forensic investigators, forensic evaluators, child psychologists, and polygraph experts to secure a good result and to set the record straight. We can help in even the most difficult cases.