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A Criminal Defense Law Firm

Direct Appeal and Habeas Corpus

Our firm has an active appellate practice.  Presently we have four cases on Direct Appeal with the Georgia Court of Appeals and two pending certiorari petitions with the Georgia Supreme Court.  Often we are retained many years after a defendant’s convictions become final.  Unfortunately, there is an old saying that “criminal law is a good place to be a bad lawyer.”  We have found some truth in that statement as many clients hire us after using another lawyer with disastrous result.  Criminal law is a specialty and lawyers with the best reputations and knowledge get the best results.  Let us look at your case and we can give you an honest assessment of the chances for success on appeal.  As always, our consultation is at no charge.

A Direct Appeal must be filed within 30 days of conviction. An appeal is a review of what happened in the trial court to determine if an error occurred and whether the appellant is entitled to relief.

A Habeas Corpus Appeal may be filed up to one year following conviction for misdemeanors or 4 years following convictions for felonies. A habeas corpus proceeding is a procedure for challenging the legality of a person’s restraint or detention. Under the Georgia habeas corpus statue, a prisoner can bring a habeas corpus action to challenge a criminal conviction and sentence on the ground that “there was a substantial denial of his rights under the Constitution of the United States or this state” in the “proceedings which resulted in his conviction.”

No two appellate cases are the same, so please feel free to write our office with a list of grievances of procedural errors.