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Traffic Ticket Defense

Traffic Ticket Attorney

Our Law Firm’s Traffic Ticket Solutions division is now the leader in Cobb County Traffic Ticket defense. We believe that no other law firm can offer more effective and affordable traffic ticket legal services. Whether your ticket is a minor offense or a serious traffic ticket problem, we offer convenient, effective and affordable solutions. Our job is to keep your driving history clean and to keep you driving. Just paying the fine could will likely result in the ticket staying on your driving record forever. Your insurance rates and your ability to keep your license depend on a good driving record. Our legal services are available to fight any ticket or provide DUI Defense Attorney services.

Minor Traffic Tickets

Ticket Fines vs. Our Fees. Is it cheaper to just pay the ticket? This is a question which we answer on a daily basis. Our minor traffic ticket legal services are almost always less than $300. But if you just pay the ticket without using our services, the total cost of just one ticket may be well over a $1,000.00. Sure, the ticket fine may only cost you $140, but if you add the cost of increased car insurance rates and lost time at work then its easy to see the value of using our firm. YOU DO THE MATH!! Certain tickets, especially for underage drivers, may carry the added risk of driver’s license suspension, community service or heavy add-on fines under Georgia’s Super Speeder law.

We Make it EASY! Call our law firm once, and in most traffic ticket cases you’re done. That’s all. We go to court for you, get the ticket reduced and send you verification when the case is finished. Call us today and make it go away!

Types of Tickets that we handle are unlimited although typically we handle speeding tickets, following too closely, illegal u-turns, reckless driving, unlawful lane change, running traffic lights, failure to stop, expired tag or insurance, safety violations and super speeder fines.

Mandatory Court Appearance

Serious Driving Offenses. If you have a mandatory court appearance, then take notice: the Court is prepared to take serious action against you. You need an experienced traffic ticket lawyer. Probation, Fines, Suspended License, Community Service, and Jail Time are all possible. You should immediately contact our office if you have received a citation or been arrested for: Aggressive Driving, Hit and Run, Driving with a Suspended License or Expired Registration, No Insurance, Reckless Driving, Racing or High Speed Speeding Tickets.

Georgia Traffic Ticket Laws, including the Super Speeder law, are aggressively enforced and any traffic ticket will remain on your record forever. It makes perfect sense to fight any traffic ticket to keep your driving record as clean as possible. For more information on our Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney services you should visit our Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney website.